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Need to see Dr. Smith but don't want to leave the house? 
Thanks to technology and our dedicated staff, this is now possible. simply Download the app Eye Care Live (link listed below) and call our offices. Our staff will help you set up the app and schedule and appointment 

How it works 
Telemedicine is made to be easy! Simply call our office and tell the employee you want to participate in Telemedicine. They will walk you though exactly what needs to be done. You will speak to a technician, who will assist you in making sure everything is completed correctly, then you will speak with Dr. Smith. A this time appointments must be made through our offices. Call today for more information. 239-936-7685

What can telemedicine be used for?  
There are a variety of things that we can treat through telemedicine, including follow up appointments, some ocular conditions such as pink eye, and to make sure that everything is on track, and advise you if an issue arises. If you are uncertain if you can use telemedicine call our office. 

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Click here to download Telemedicine!


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