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Eye Care for Children

In our office we treat children of all ages and ocular disorders. We can fit children of 12 years or older for contact lens.

Eye Associates of Fort Myers offers professional eye care services for adults, seniors and children. Do you or a loved one suffer from eye problems or suspect an issue in the eyes or eye sight? Call us today and our friendly and highly-trained staff will be happy to help you. Let us guide you through understanding your eyes and the solutions to help you. We offer relief and cure to those with eye problems, see some of the complications we treat at our offices in Fort Myers and Naples.

Signs of Vision Problems in Children

Vision problems or difficulties affect about 15% of children. Early detection and appropriate treatment is important and vital. Observe your child and see if any of the following applies.

If the answer is YES to 3 or more of the questions below, your child might have a learning-related vision problem.

Does your child...
  • Tend to rub the eyes?
  • Have an eye that turns in or out?
  • Have headaches after reading?
  • Only focus one eye on the subject?
  • Turn or tilt their head to one side to use one eye only?
  • Holds objects and reading material closer than normal?
  • Have difficulty copying from the blackboard, textbook or notebook?
  • Have difficulty comprehending what they read?
  • Moves their head instead of the eye when reading?
Children need to have their eyes checked at least once a year on order to make sure there are no changes in their vision.

Common, Treatable Eye Problems

Common treatable eye issues that we can treat include
Blurry or Double Vision
Sudden changes in vision
Amblyopia or Lazy eye

Amblyopia or Lazy Eye

Amblyopia, commonly called lazy eye, affects approximately 3 out of every 100 children in the USA. It involves lowered visual acuity and/or poor muscle control in one eye. The difference in focusing ability causes one eye to be used more often or a misalignment causes one eye to "shut off" to avoid double vision. The result is a loss of stereoscopic vision and depth perception. Early detection is extremely important and vision therapy can improve this condition.

Strabismus - Crossed Eye

Crossed eye, strabismus, esotropia, exotropia, hiperphoria affect about 4 out of 100 children in the USA. This is a visual defect in which the eyes point in different directions where one eye turns up, down, in or out and the other eye aims straight. This results in partial or total loss of depth perception and stereo vision. The eye misalignment is not always obvious to an untrained observer.

Conjuctivitis - Pink Eye

Conjunctivitis, commonly called "pink eye", is an infection of the conjunctiva. The conjunctiva is the outer-most layer of the eye that covers the sclera. The most common types of conjunctivitis are: bacterial, viral, and allergic. Bacterial and viral conjunctivitis are normally very contagious. Each type of conjunctivitis requires a different form of treatment.

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