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Hair Removal

Hair Removal

Our IPL and laser machine the Lumenis M22 remove hair comfortably and safely, with long-term results. Because hair production cycles, several treatments are necessary. Each treatment should be done at regular intervals, this allows the next hair cycle to be targeted. Hair removal treatments take 15 to 45 minutes depending on the size of the area. Unwanted hair can be removed from the face, underarms, back, bikini area, and more.
Laser Hair removal can only be done on hair that has color; blonde, grey and light red hair cannot be removed. Laser Hair removal works by targeting the pigment in hair. This energy is then converted into heat and damages the hair follicles, preventing them from growing new hair.

Laser Hair removal can be permanent, however sometimes hair follicle stem cells can eventually regenerate hair. Some people need additional treatment several years later.

Depend on the amount of hair being removed and the location on the body price and treatment intervals varies, please contact us for more information. 239-936-7685

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