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Full Family Eye Care

Full Family Eye Care

Eye Associates of Fort Myers offers professional eye care services for adults, seniors and children. Are you or a loved one experiencing issues with your sight or suspect an issue in the eyes? Call us today and our friendly, highly-trained staff will be happy to help you. Let us guide you through understanding your eyes and the solutions that fit you. We offer relief and cure to those with eye problems. See just some of the complications we treat at our offices in Fort Myers and Naples.

Youth Eye Care

Dr. Smith treats children for a variety of eye care needs. For more information visit our page for pediatric eye care.

Adult Eye Care

This is perhaps the most important time for routine eye care. Adult's vision can change, and other health issues can be discovered through routine eye exam. Yearly eye exams are important to ensure your vision stays at its best; whether your vision is perfect or in need of improvement we can help. From glasses and contacts to disease monitoring we offer the latest in eye care. Most people notice a decline in vision after age 40. This is due to the aging of the lens in your eye. Below is a list of common issues we can treat
Diabetic Eye Care
Glaucoma Eye Care
Macular Degeneration
Laser Floater Treatment
Routine Eye Care
Senior Eye Care

As we continue to age so do our eyes. Cataracts may develop, which causes your lens to become cloudy, it is important to monitor cataracts. As your eye ages, you may need more assistance with seeing close. This is due to the lens in your eye becoming less elastic.

Our goal is to be your eye care provider for life! From childhood through adulthood we are hear for your eye care needs.

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