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Floater Removal


We are proud to offer the latest technology in floater treatment! The Ellex Ultra Q Reflex is the best machine on the market for removing floaters.

Floaters are very common, everyone gets them, some people are more prone to floaters than others. Floaters are simply spots in your vision that are caused by life. The substance that fill your eye is called vitreous. Floaters occur when this microscopic fibers in vitreous clump together and can be seen. Most floaters are not linked to an under lying issue. As you age so does the vitreous in your eyes, this causes most floaters.

However, a sudden and dramatic increase in floaters may be a sign of something more,
If this occurs seek treatment with your eye doctor today!

At Eye Associates we now have the technology to remove floaters that obscure you everyday vision. This new laser has the best visualization, this means that Dr. Smith has more visualization of the floaters in your eyes and which one is obscuring your vision. This allow for better accuracy when removing the floater.

The Ellex Ultra Q Reflex laser increases the accuracy and speed of the laser treatment, decreasing the risk associated with the treatment in the past. This Laser is optimized for the treatment of floaters.

In a quick in office appointment you will notice results within 48 hours of the treatment. Treatment may take more than one session depending on the severity, location and number of floaters obscuring your vision.

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