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  Dry Eye Institute

Introduction to the Dry Eye Institute

The Dry Eye Institute (DEI) was formed to help people with the extraordinarily common problems of dry eyes. This disease has recently been studied and many novel and amazing treatments are now available to help every patient with this problem. It has been discovered that dry eye disease is not the same for everyone. Simply using artificial tears, which has been prescribed for all with dry eyes in the past, is not a good treatment and only a moderately successful band-aid to the problem. At the DEI you can expect that we will thoroughly investigate your individual problem and tailor a treatment regimen aimed directly at your issues. The underlying issue in dry eye disease is either a problem with an over drainage of tears or, more commonly, a problem with the production of tears or certain components of tears. At the Dry Eye Institute, we have invested in the latest technology to be able to ascertain the underlying cause, whether it be a drainage or production issue. After a thorough examination by one of our highly trained doctors with the help of our friendly and knowledgeable staff, we will determine the appropriate treatment needed for you as an individual.


Burning Stinging, Blurry Vision Foreign Body sensation Grittiness Sore Eyes Painful Light Sensitivity Contact Lens Irritation Tired Eyes Heavy Eyes Excessive use of artificial tears Scratchy Red Irritated Watering Itchy Dryness Wind sensitivity. If you experience any of these symptoms call today, and schedule a consult with our doctor.

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