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Cause of Dry Eye

There are many causes when it comes to Dry Eye Disease. The most common is meibomian gland dysfunction. Meibomian glands are glands around your eyelids. These are oil producing glands that help to keep your tears healthy and your eyes protected. Tears can easily evaporate without the oil layer produced by Meibomian glands. These glands can become easily clogged. This oil layer is vital to the having a healthy tear film. Meibomian gland dysfunction refers to the inflammation around these glands, and the blockage of the glands, this causes the glands to stop working. When these glands stop producing health oil, it allows the tear film to evaporate quickly and causes dry eyes.

There are many ways that meibomian glands can become clogged. Allergies can be a factor when glands become clogged. Allergies cause more contaminates to become logged in the glands. When allergies flare up many people rub their eyes and that causes glands to become more clogged. Make-up is another way that glands can become clogged. When makeup is not removed completely every time. The old makeup is pushed into the glands when the new makeup is applied.

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