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Tips for Contact Lens Care
Contact Lens Exam and ordering at Eye Associates of Fort Myers

Always wash your hands
Make sure to have your hands clean when putting contact lens in. When your hands are dirty there is a higher chance that dirt will transfer into your eyes and scratch the surface of your eye. Clean hands make the transfer of dirt much less likely.
Make sure to keep your lens clean
Along with keeping your hands clean it is very important to make sure that your lens is properly clean as well. Debris from your skin and eyelashes can get stuck on your lenses and then needs to be cleaned off. Make sure to clean your lens with only lens cleaning solution. This helps to ensure to life of your contact.
Check your lens
There is right and a wrong way to wearing contact lens. The in front and a back. If the lens gets turned inside out, then wearing the lens is very uncomfortable. Make sure you know how to identify which way is correct. If you are having trouble with this call us!
Follow your doctor’s direction
Your doctor has gone through years of training on contact lens. Follow their directions and make sure that you fully understand the directions they give you. Use only the products they prescribe or suggest. Each solution is chosen specifically for your lens type. Make sure to check with your doctor before changing any of your lens care.
Many first-time contact lens wearers worry they are going to scratch they eye or lose their contact lens in their eye. Putting a contact lens in your eye may seem scary and intimidating at the very least. Don’t worry lots of people use contact lens every day, if your follow the instructions provided to you by your doctor you will be fine! Besides it is impossible for a contact lens to slip behind your eye into the abyss.

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