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Glaucoma Care with Eye Associates of Fort Myers and Naples

More than 2.2 million Americans age forty and older have glaucoma, and about half are unaware they have this potentially blinding disease because they have no symptoms.

Glaucoma is a condition in which the optic nerve is damaged and the drainage of the fluid inside you eye becomes blocked. One of the most common signs of glaucoma is high pressure in your eye. The pressure inside your eye can become harmfully high when there is not proper drainage.

The exact cause of primary open-angle glaucoma is currently unknown. Primary open angle glaucoma is the most common form of glaucoma. However, some of the other forms of glaucoma may occur along with other abnormalities of the eye.

There are usually no symptoms at first, but as the disease progresses, a person with glaucoma may notice their vision gradually failing and experience blurred vision, loss of peripheral vision, difficulty focusing on objects and presence of halos around lights.

Although anyone can develop glaucoma those who are at higher risk should have regular eye exams at least once a year. You might be at a high risk if you are, of African America heritage, over the age of 50, or if you have a family history of glaucoma, experienced a serious eye injury or have other serious health issues. Currently the only way to diagnose glaucoma is an eye exam when the doctor checks your pressures.

Although glaucoma cannot be cured early detection and treatment can usually prevent vision loss. An ophthalmologist might be able to help control glaucoma, by lowering pressure inside the eye with, eye drops, laser treatments, or eye surgery. However, vision loss due to glaucoma cannot be restored, and if left untreated can lead to blindness.

At Eye Associates we have several treatment options for those with glaucoma including access to the best and best medical advancements, which help manage glaucoma. Our office also offers clinical research studies in order to help advance the understanding a treatment of glaucoma.

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